Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Stephanie was throwing a party for Danielle's birthday. There was about 50 people there, and a good dj. They made sure he only played punk, ska, and hard rock. They partied until around 100, cocks and shorts pics decided to kick everyone out. free big fat cock plan was that small penis pic was to sleep over after the party. So, they cleaned up, and went to Elena's room. They got dressed into their pajamas, joked, laughed, made the beds, and Stephanie suddenly grabbed cocks large hand and said "Danielle, i want you to meet someone. Come on!" So they raced down the hall, and slowed as they approched the door. Stephanie went first, and she knocked on the door. "damn, im too impatient." she said, laughing as she spoke.

So she opened the door, and there was an older, very handsome boy, great build, blonde crew cut hair, blue eyes... walking towards the door, but hadnt quite reached it yet.

"Aaron, this is Danielle. Danielle, this is my cousin Aaron. He's staying with us for the weekend, and he's staying in my brother's room, while my brother sleeps on the couch downstairs."

"Nice to meet you Aaron."

"Nice to meet you too Danielle. Happy birthday. Well, im headin off to bed, so goodnight girls"

They raced back to the bedroom, giggling the whole way.

"God Danielle, you're like everyone else! I know you think he's hot. Personally, i dont, but i thought you'd like another birthday present"

"Haha, of course he's hot! He's gorgeous!!" then she whispered to herself "god i wanna fuck him.."

They went to bed quickly because they were tired, and Danielle woke up to go to the bathroom around 330. She was tired, and didnt notice that the light was on in the bathroom, and that someone was moaning indside. She walked in, and froze. There was Aaron, rubbing his huge cock up and down in the tub, with the jets on. There was cum on it, she could tell, and she got instantly wet. "I'm..I..I can explain"

"No, dont" she said as she walked toward him, and started taking off her clothes.

"But i dont have a condom.."

"Fuck it, im on sex penis tricks pill"

She finally stripped down, and big cock blowjob penis pics in the tub. The jets were going full blast, and his cock was risen out of the water. She got on her knees in the hot water, and started sucking his cock hard and fast. He moaned loudly, and grabbed her 38D breasts. He had his head leaned back, enjoying her sucking him off. She rubbed his balls, sucked his dick, and rubbed the base of his cock.

As increse the size of your penis did so, the water sensation on his balls, and the base of his cock, plus penis pics of this cock and dick and rubbing, it made him so hot, he had to come. His balls tensed up in his hands, and he came. She swallowed every drop of it, and sucked him dry. She then laid down in the tub, and spread her legs out front of a jet, making the water hit on her clit hard, and it felt so good, she almost screamed.

"Hmm, baby, let me boys naked erect cock you with that"
He sat behind her, his cock poking into her ass cheek, and started fingering her from behind, letting the water hit her penis pics clit, making her moan so loud, she couldnt control herself. She felt so hot, she could cum any second. But she didnt.

Aaron lifted Danielle up by the hips, and slid his cock into her ass. She gasped at this sudden movement, and started bucking her hips. The water jets were still hitting big black men dick cock clit, and Aaron was finger fucking her, and fucking her up erect elephant penis ass. He then reached his other hand around, and rubbed her very hard nipples. He thrust his cock into her ass, harder and harder every time she moaned. She tightened up her body, leaned her head back on his free uncut cock pics anc came all in the tub. Finally, after the most amazing orgasm anyone could ever have, she got up, and got on her hands and knees in the tub.

He stuck his cock in her pussy big dicks in the ass started thrusing hard. He shoved his first two fingers in her asshole, and started fingering her up the ass. She moaned loudly, and with one hand, she rubbed her clit. Her breasts were moving back and forth in the water, and their movement made the water spill over the side. He couldnt take it anymore. He shoved three fingers up her ass, and she screamed out in pleasure. She was feircly rubbing her clit, and he was ramming her in the pussy, making it extremely hot and fast.

They were moaning, screaming, and both ready to cum. But Aaron held back, and tried not to yet. Danielle was so overwhelmed, she had another extreme orgasm, and almost collapsed with him in her. She pumped harder against him. He was going so fast, his penis pics were slapping against her hot clit, as she fucked her in gagging cocks sample video pussy from behind. His fingers were working furiously in her ass, and he pulled out his huge, hot, pulstating cock, and shot a huge load of hot, white cum all over her back, and she quickly turned to face him, and there pictures of the circumcised penis enough to finish in her mouth. They both collapsed in the tub, making water spill everywhere, and Danielle laid on top of Aaron.

"Wow, Latin Sex that was the best sex i have ever had. Ever."
the world biggest dick too, damn, we need to get together more often.Too bad i live so far away."

"I know, gallery dick sucks so bad."

They finally got rested, cleaned up the huge cock amateur video with towels, got dressed, and Danielle went back to Aarons room. They banged eachother almost all night, until Danielle fell find pictures of male penis around 600 am. Aaron carried as she was sleeping her back to Stephanie's room, because Stephanie was still asleep, and when they woke up, it was like my first big dick nothing had happened. no suspicion large penis picture series anything. So, Danielle had to go home.

"Bye Stephanie, thanks for a great party."

"Bye Aaron, i hope to see you sometime." And she winked, without letting Stephanie see. When Aaron got back to his room, he found a note that said
"Hey Aaron. You were great. If ever you're in town, my address and phone number is on the bottom of this note. I hope you come here more often! Danielle"

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